Pierrot le fou (1965)

On that beach the sky and the ocean were perfectly flat and blue. Then we went back to the shack and the parrot. The parrot was blue, too, but things were different. You pulled its beak and wings with chains. Finally, to punish me, you shot it in the head. Small red. We waited a day, then had its body stuffed and sold it.

The Other Fisher Collection

My orientation at the museum didn’t take very long because they didn’t show me around the galleries, just the office annex with no art in it. I’m on the second floor, marketing and communications; above us are the money people. On top of them is another floor where a certain odor strikes you as soon as the elevator doors open. This is where they keep Don Fisher’s very personal collection, the one nobody knows quite what to do with, because it consists of goats, ducks, and chickens. Until somebody figures out what they’re really worth, they live here, nibbling distractedly on the beige carpet. It doesn’t taste like much, but at least there are windows, so the light seeps across the alley and if you thought about it you might remember the grass and water from the park around the corner. If you had time to think about it.

Film Festival

A few weeks after I turned in my program notes for the film festival, the program coordinator called me:

“The notes are fine, except I wanted to let you know, we need to add a sentence to the beginning of one of them.”

“What does it say?”


“Um, OK, but maybe you could take my name off the note then.”

“But we’re trying to add a more personal flavor.”


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Everyone’s talking about this new TV show. It’s shot through an upstairs window, maybe in London, maybe not. There’s a view of a street tree and a lamppost and a sidewalk where every once in a while someone walks by. In the pilot, we witnessed a blonde woman in a pink shirt and a white skirt, and, about fifteen minutes later, a little boy, both traveling from right to left. The dramatic peak so far came in episode thirteen, when a man riding a bicycle paused briefly next to a fire hydrant on the corner. Was that hydrant always there? Who knows what other adventures await as the mystery continues to unfold? In the meantime, the entire first season will soon be available on DVD for $17.95.